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9 Sep 2017 -
31 Dec 2017

Date: Coming in 2018

Time: 7:00 - 9:00 PM

Location: Bothwell Arts Center 2466 8th Street, Livermore, CA 94550

Cost: $45 for this Introductory Class Only (includes plastic mask, tools and materials fee)!
Regisration Reqired: register by clicking the PayPal Button below

Register for this amazing Introductory Mask Creation Class! Experience Healing and Empowerment through Creation of a Mask of your Guide/Inner Healer . . . hosted by Workshop Leader Carol Faber-Peake, Certified in Faces of the Soul Mask Making from JFKU in Berkeley.

JOURNEY – Through painting and adorning, your personal guide/healer mask emerges. This process is for anyone interested in dreams, the mysteries of energy and creativity flows for self-discovery and healing, and simply for the creative fun of it all! There will be a relaxing short meditation and a glass of wine to begin the class and then create. All levels welcome, no art experience necessary. You will be able to paint and adorn your mask during class,

This introductory class offers the transformative experience of mask creation. Carol Faber-Peake has an Advanced Mask Making class using plaster gauze to learn how to create masks. You can view masks and the process under Gallery Images ( ).

12 Sep 2017

Date: Coming in 2018

Honor Your Transitions Remembrane Containers

I honor the mind, body, heart, and spirit in each individual, knowing the need to balance

and blend all these elements…

Living in a culture of time-starvation, overwhelming career and family obligations along with economic and emotional uncertainty often prevents us from taking the time to accept and honor our life’s transitions and experience our own growing creative consciousness. The activities of this workshop are offered not only to provide the participants an environment where they experience art as a creative process but to enter into an environment where they can share their voices, thoughts and feelings about their own transitions within our ever changing world.

Session A offers a starting point to get to know each other, create a safe and sacred space, lead into a gentle grounding ritual followed by a fun writing experience. After a 30 minute break and stretch Session B leads into a creative project using the images and/or words that you experienced from the earlier session. This is an opportunity to feel free to play with new mediums. Then we will have a sharing circle of the day’s events, an informal evaluation of the workshop and a closing ritual.

Please bring an object that has meaning for you and a container (a box not larger than 12” in any direction that can be transformed; containers will be available at the workshop for you as well). All other materials and a variety of mediums will be provided, but feel free to bring your own.

(Date TBA) – 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

12:00-1:00 pm -- Session A (introduction activity, grounding ritual, fun writing experience)

1:00- 1:30 pm -- Break for nourishment and stretching

1:30- 3:00 pm-- Session B (creative container project)

3:00-4:00 pm -- Sharing the day’s events, workshop assessment, closing ritual

(Please plan to arrive five minutes before start of workshop)

Participants create a container honoring a special moment, memory or person or to celebrate an event in their life past or present.