Carol Faber-Peake
Carol's Images/Expressive Artist/Painter/Mask Making/Mixed Media/Multi-Faceted Artworks

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This is a lovely site Carol!
Kathleen Hill - 12 May 2016
Congrats Carol ! I am so happy for you and your creative process.
Diane Reilly - 13 Mar 2016
Great stuff, Carol!
Anne Giancola - 9 Mar 2016
How exciting, dear Carol! You are so creative and talented and I'm honored to call you my friend. All the very best to you going forward!
Kerry McGehee - 9 Mar 2016
Carol - thank you! Thank you for stepping forth on your path so fully and brilliantly!! I send so many blessings and will pass this on to others! With so much love, Denise
Denise Schwab - 18 Feb 2014
It's so exciting to see everything you're creating. What an inspiration!
Peg Malone - 9 Feb 2014
Congratulations, carol! Blessings to you in your creative ventures! Wishing you much success and enrichment in your work!
Kaleo ching - 9 Feb 2014
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