Carol Faber-Peake
Carol's Images/Expressive Artist/Painter/Mask Making/Mixed Media/Multi-Faceted Artworks


This is to be an exciting year according to the Chinese New Year predictions. The year of the Fire Monkey is one of many changes!! In the Year of the Red Fire Monkey, February 8, 2016 to January 27, 2017, the confident and impulsive energy of Fire meets Monkey's joyful, curious, and inventive nature. Monkey is capricious, changeable, easily distracted, so be on your toes this year… Be prepared for the unexpected, …make detailed plans, but leave room for some flexibility. Monkey reminds you to look before you leap, especially around decisions that impact your financial well-being or your relationships

This is the year when many may be inclined to dust off old dreams and reassess the possibilities. Opportunities and new openings, new inspiration are everywhere this year… big dreams are within reach now… but there is also intense competition for resources at this time,…and advice to work hard if you expect to achieve your goals. This year could see some wondrous new inventions, fantastic innovations – and improvisations… the year of the Great Spin – unfortunately, since this is also an election year, and politicians and journalists are known for their great spins, we are urged to look under the surface for truth before we head to the polls.

So here is to a year of many changes, opportunities and inspiration! Gung Hei Fat Choi! Happy New Year!