Carol Faber-Peake
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(posted on 21 Sep 2014)

Autumn is here already, how time flies. Summer was amazing, creative art processes abundant and sharing those moments with clients, friends and family was a joy. This is a time to reflect on my art process and how I wanted to move into the next phase.

In the past my masks have been very hands on when it came to the hanging process, very unplanned and spontaneous. As they have moved into the world of artwork for sale the thought came to me, "How do I make these amazing masks easier for my clients to move from one hanging place to another?"

During this process I chose one method, then another until I stumbled across the solution. Why not combine painting, collaging and mask making into one integral piece? That was it, canvas as the base, with painting or collaging to create the surface. Then the mask at the point where it was ready to inhabit the canvas, I attached by means of 35 lb. clear filament (aka fishing line) and they merged beautifully.

What a difference in how each mask told a story and how clients, future buyers have received them. Now on to mask making to build new blank masks which will go through the creation phase before melding with their future canvas homes. Check out some of the selfies photos (under mask making process) that I took when I braved making a plaster mask on myself!!