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(posted on 11 Feb 2015)

Hello everyone and Happy Spring to each of you. The last month has been difficult for me as my 95 year old uncle passed away and I have been making weekly trips (driving 7 hours each way) to help my 93 year old aunt make the transition to being a widow after 74 years of marriage. They were blessed with the kind of love that you don't see often enough and now she has to move forward with her life. Fortunately they took my advice to sell their home ten years ago and move into a retirement independent living community. They met other folks when they moved in and some are now widowed so she is learning to make friends again. I give her credit, she is made of tough stuff and I love her even more for that.

She encouraged me to move my March "Faces of the Soul" workshop to end of April and to immerse myself in my creative process once more. So, I have and now you can take advance of my "Spring Special Workshop" April 24 and April 25 in Livermore California at my studio located at 62 S. L Street at the Bothwell Annex.

Please check out my event page for details and register in advance. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at my cell number listed or my email listed as well. I look forward to joining you in this amazing experience. If you want to be a team with a friend and do masks on each other I will do a step by step instruction and that is another wonderful bonding experience.

My intention is to have my workshops every other month this year so if you are unable to make this one look to June 2015!!

Love and Light and Blessings!

Carol Faber Peake